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pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 0 - 14 (Brand: Macherey Nagel) Made in Germany 100 sticks

Four different color blocks for each pH-value ensure highly precise pH-determination and make the application rapid and reliable.

Universal PH Test Strips for multi usage testing - urine, saliva, pond water, river water, wastewater, sewage water....etc

Price: RM 46.00

Status: Available


(pH-Fix indicator sticks pH 0 - 14)


High quality, color-fixed pH test strips with long handle which prevent fingers from getting into contact with sample.

Suited for all types of liquid testings for example urine, saliva, pond water, river water, wastewater, sewage water and more.

Enable measurements even in weakly buffered or strong alkaline solutions as well as acidic measurement.

It has a briliant color chart with 4 different color blocks for each pH value which enable precise pH determination and make rapid and reliable testing.

The dye is fixed to the test strip and since the indicator does not bleed, the strip can be left in the measurement medium without contaminating it.

Can also be read in reflectometer.

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