Excellent Quality Macherey Nagel pH Test Strips

Macherey Nagel has the best quality pH test paper compare to other brands. Which is why it’s mostly use for commercial industries for testing. Now, individual can purchase this brand Macherey Nagel pH Test Strips from our online shop for home testing. What test you can perform with this pH Test? Are you curious about your coffee drink or tea? Is this beverages acidic or alkaline and what’s they value?

Are you currently on a diet? Are you always sick? Acidic or alkaline of these drinks can effect your health.

With pH-Fix test strips, you can test the pH value quickly and easily directly at the point of interest. The strips are ready to use at any time and don’t need any calibration, set-up or maintenance. Therefore, pH determination with pH test strips is very easy, regardless of your experience or chemical background.

Why not digital pH test for solution test?

Many prefer the more precise digital pH test over pH paper test because it give you a very precise value. But many do not know that this steel electrode which you use in digital will interfere with the value because of chemical reaction with the solution and for each test you need special solution to clean the electrode or it will gives false value.

That is why paper pH Test Strips Macherey Nagel brand does the work better to provide more ACCURATE ph value for your test.

Safe analysis by long plastic handle

The long plastic handle safely protects you from coming into contact with the sample. Thus, testing toxic, dangerous or aggressive substances is safely possible.

Several test pads for exact results

pH indicator test strips feature up to 4 different indicator pads that cover the whole pH range from 0–14. You can chose from a total of 14 different measuring ranges to find the ideal strip for your application. The brilliant color scale is optimally matched and aligned to the test pads on the strips, resulting in quick, easy and safe pH determination.

No bleeding due to color bounded indicator dyes

In contrast to common indicator papers, the indicator dyes in pH-Fix test strips are chemically bound to the test pads. This patented technology safely prevents bleeding of dyes into the sample, even in highly alkaline solutions. Your sample is not contaminated by indicator dyes. Consequently, you can use the solution for further analysis.

The special non-bleeding technology provides additional benefits for you:

• Even in weakly buffered solutions, a safe and reliable pH determination becomes possible,
as the strips can be immersed for a long time until the final reaction color has developed

• The colors of the individual test pads don’t bleed and mix, which assures exact comparison
to the color scale

• Your sample is not contaminated by indicator dyes