How Is The Construction Industry Affected By Drug Abuse?

Construction companies should be able to look into drug abuse testing among their workers to improve their revenues. Financial loss due to drug abuse may cause a company billions of dollars. It’s not uncommon for industries such as constructions for some of it’s employees to hock on drugs due to nature of their jobs, long work hours.

In order to prevent sleepiness, employees may look at drug use as a means for them to sustain long working hours, without regard for the risk of meeting accidents within the workplace and some other minor mishaps that could affect the company as a whole. This is the reason why a lot of individuals with drug abuse problems come from the workforce.

Construction workers who abuse illicit substances are dangerous to the general public. It is with this reason that many construction firms across the country aim for a better workforce by addressing substance abuse within the workplace and eliminating its potentially dangerous consequences.

Human Factor
Due to taking drugs, it may increase workers’ unawareness and cause serious accidents. It is revealed that by taking any kinds of drugs during their works will affect the capability of the decision making. Hence, theyare not able to act in good way and always lead to wrong decision-making and unsafe.

Drug testing have proven to be highly effective ways of deterring substance abuse and identifying those who need help.

Urine Drug Test has become a popular alternative to traditional lab-based testing, especially in safety-sensitive industries such as the construction industry. Often a construction company can significantly reduce the time it takes to conduct a test by utilizing rapid result testing. The results are available within minutes and, depending on the product being used, can be as accurate as the screening technologies used in laboratories.

There are several types of drug Test you can perform:

6 in 1 Drug Tests to test 6 types of drugs substances

10 in 1 Drug Test Cup to test 10 types of drugs substances


Single Strips to test 1 type of drugs substance