How to alkalize your body?

To alkalize our body we cannot do it overnight, it takes time. There is no pills to alkalize in long term. There is a pill for a cure and if you look at the ingredients its just minerals calcium and magnesium that alkalize the body. There are other ways to do it.

Enzyme, vitamins they don’t work without minerals, you cannot lift your arms, blink your eyes and you can’t do anything without minerals working in your body. Our human body cannot functions without minerals.

That’s why its important to remineralize your body. Minerals are critically important.

The right food for Best alkalizer food
80% 20% rule
80% alkalizer food
20% acidic food

We need a little acidic food such as nuts, seeds, meat..

Then again, it’s about balance.

Do not overeat

In Japanese culture, they push away from their table when they are 80% full. That way body can digest food properly. A lot of people do that everyday. Reason is because our body cannot handle too much food and therefore creates acid by products that the body cannot break down.

Portion size is important, when we eat meat, eat a palm size of meat. We have a to do a moderation and balance in eating.

Greens, high chlorophyll food very alkalizing to our system.It’s very cleasing, very alkalize to the system, sun shine, algae, spirulina, so
green foods very important to us. The other food that’s super alkaline to our body is seaweed especially kelp.


An athele who is pushing themself too hard on streneous exercises and training should increase their mineral levels or body system will shut down. As it’s going to create so much acidic waste, the body cannot handle it.


A very good way to remove toxins and thus a good way to alkaline the body.


Going to bed at 10 pm if you can is very important because our body doesn’t release human growth hormone if one doesn’t go to bed at 10 pm.

Human growth hormone is the key to longevity.And also what happen in our body when we sleep is our body heals, and repair, build and eliminate toxics waste.

It’s a great time for you to let your body do it’s job by getting proper amount of sleeps. If you have sleeping problems, it’s just lacking in magnesium and if you take magnesium before bed, you’ll sleep like a rock!

Breathing, relaxing, reducing stress, praying, meditate, calming down, relaxing, taking time out what’s important in life, going to the park, taking life outdoors all these makes our body alkaline.