Alarming raised in women’s heart disease

Angela had been experiencing breathless and exhausted for weeks, it turned worst one day when she was riding in her friend’s car.

She was a thin, 35 year old active women who had a great job and family. Prior to this,  she had gone to see her doctor, who then told her she had a sinus infection.

“I couldn’t believe it. A heart attack?. That is rare case for someone of her age to get heart attack.

The point here is to educate health professional, women and their love ones about how to prevent, recognize and threat potential deadly diseases.

“Heart disease is biggest killer for both men and women alike. Some might think the pain associated is breast cancer, but it isn’t so, kiling about one-tenth as many, according to health experts.

Risk factors such as smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes are facing a highest ever rank across the world.

With the ever growing restaurants and online food delivery, making it easier for people to order food via online, people are getting more obese compare to our grandparents.

Heart disease is not genetic hereditary disease, you’re are in charge of your own heart by lifestyle change and taking precautions.

You might think you’re eating healthy, leading a healthy lifestyle. But it’s that enough to prevent heart disease?

Angela had been active all these while and had never cross her mind it could happen to her.

Taking EXTRA precaution by testing your urine is essential for you and your family. It’s your life and your health, think about it.