Early symptoms of AIDS: fatigue, fatigue!

Fatigue is the common symptoms of AIDS early, because the infection of HIV, will increase the consumption, the patient often feel fatigue fatigue, serious time, may stand, even a glass of water feel difficult.

Fatigue fatigue can adversely affect work and study, so it is necessary to understand the causes of fatigue and mitigation.

The reasonĀ 

For fatigue is less than 3 weeks after high-risk behavior, then this may be a dangerous signal, should consider whether the infection of HIV, and arrange for HIV testing. In addition, depression, lack of rest, anemia can also cause fatigue fatigue.

Mitigating Fatigue The fatigue
caused by HIV infection may persist for longer periods of time, typically one month or longer. During this period should strengthen nutrition, pay attention to rest.

Due to other causes of fatigue, should always exerciseĀ to increase antibody.
If you are tired and pale, you should improve your diet.
In the early stages of infection with HIV infection may be fatigue, fatigue, but fatigue, fatigue symptoms do not mean that is infected with AIDS, may also have other diseases, do not appear symptoms to worry about infected with AIDS, increase their fear, AIDS testing Prevail.