Headmaster last day at school turn tragic

“It had begun like any other sending-off ceremony – with appreciation speeches – before headmaster Cheah Hock Hin took the microphone to address his staff for one last time before his retirement, which actually took effect on Jan 13, his 60th birthday.

Cheah delivered his speech and sang two songs for his audience. Midway into the second song, he collapsed.

Teachers quickly performed first aid before rushing him to the Parit Buntar Hospital.

However, he was pronounced dead at 12.15pm.”

“About two years ago, my husband complained of chest pains and blamed it on work pressure.

“As he is also diabetic and has high blood pressure, he went to see a doctor who said that he was healthy, and prescribed some medication for him.”

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/01/21/Headmasters-last-day-at-school-turns-tragic/

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