Healthy Breakfast Food

Nasi Lemak, chocolate milk and chocolate drinks. mihun, curry mee, roti canai, butter and bread, cereal bar, yogurt and more are some of our Malaysia famous morning breakfast. Are you one of them? Chances are you’re not alone and everyone is eating this way everyday.

We have eliminate drinking chocolate and milk drinks in our morning breakfast ever since we know it’s not good for our health.

Let’s view it’s effect on our health.

Nasi Lemak – coconut rice is good for health, but white rice is sugar! Eating too much sugar will lower our immune system help fight invaders in our body, when our body need to fight these bacteria and viruses everyday in our system.

Not 100% cows milk straight from the farm – dairy causes inflammation in our system thus leading to all sort of symptoms you may come across such as phlegm, sore throat, cough, fever and etc. (We human do not need cow’s milk to get our calcium, leafy green has much more calcium if compare to milk). Cow’s milk is to feed calf, their milk is not suitable for human consumption, leading to extra fats in human body. And avoid all low fat because low fat is extremely hazardous to our body because of it’s ingredients content.

Not 100% cocoa chocolate drink direct from cocoa beans – not 100% cocoa with added preservative and flavourings, colourings

Mihun – too much salt, msg, white rice mihun not good full of sugar

Curry mee – wheat flour and yellow noodle bad for health, with added preservatives, flavourings and etc roti canai – too much oil, fried, causes build up toxic in our body

Butter – originally butter is not yellow in colour, it’s white. Consist of colourings, preservatives and etc

Yogurt – preservatives, sugar, flavouring and etc

Cereal bar – sugar, preservatives, flavouring and etc

Bread – wheat flour consist of preservatives, colouring, bleach and etc

What’s left for human to consume in our breakfast?

Locally grown fruits
Different colour of vegetables (organic)
Plain water
Coconut milk – 100% squeeze from coconut shred (build up immune system) & coconut water (heal inflammations eg: sore throat and etc)
Sweet potatoes, yams and so on
Eggs (organic)

Fish, Chicken, Cow, Goat Meat – from own farm without chemical injections

Most important we have to know what’s good for our whole body ecosystem is that what we consume must be from it’s original form.

That way, we can prevent build of toxicity in our body in the form of inflammation such as fever, flu, sore throat, cough, cancer and many more.

And if you can’t skip outside food because you’re on the go all the time, get a pack of urine strip and test, our test will let you know if your body is in bad shape and it’s time for you to take charge and change your eating and lifestyle.

Prolong eating unhealthy food will lead to weight gain, diabetic, high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer and many more

It depends how your immune system heal your body, if successfully heal then you’re back as normal, if it cannot perform its’ function because your immune too low, cancer and other major diseases will outbreak. Without high immune system too, cells will be destroy thus causes rapid in aging