How to lower your blood pressure

People often say food and lifestyle increase our blood pressure. It’s true, the food we eat must comes from natural form such as eating from it’s raw form, more mix of colourful organic leafy green, fruits, nuts, seeds and avoid commercial food such as those packed inside boxes, plastics and canned food. Preservatives, table salt, colourings, flavourings will indeed increase our blood pressure. Hectic lifestyle from workplace, emotional roller coaster from bad relationships too will have the same impact to our blood pressure.

There are proven ways to lower our blood pressure naturally, it could be just few hours or few days you will be able to see the result, PROVIDED your intake of food is healthy first of all.

All these years of eating oily food, fried food and other harmful food, clogged our blood vessel. When our blood vessel become clogged, oxygen can’t flow smoothly to our whole body thus making our heart pumping harder and harder each day thus leading to high blood pressure.Not only that, lack of oxygen increases risk of cancer cell.

After you have cleanse your body by switching to raw food or lightly steam vegetables and refrain from eating outside food for a while, you can start to learn how to lower your blood pressure naturally by “Learning How to Breathe Correctly”

Majority of people DO NOT know how to breathe correctly. Normally, our breathe tend to be short when we are busy. If you notice, we only breathe really deep when we are exercising. Which is why exercising is good for health.

When you’re exercising, try deep breathing by pressing your left nose and take a deep breathe using your right nose and the other way round for few times. Then take really deep breathe into your belly and exhale slowly several times.

Do this when you’re exercising, preferable morning where there are green trees around where you stand.

By doing so, you will take in more oxygen to supply your whole systems. Within few days or weeks, you will notice your blood pressure become lower.

Try to do this to relax your whole body when you’re not too busy with your daily work. You can even sit down cross legs, close your eyes and try to focus on your breathing.

See this video for more detail.

Note: Deep breathing only during exercise, you don’t need to deep breathe everytime.