Several early symptoms of AIDS

AIDS is a deadly disease called human immunodeficiency virus infection, in the patient’s blood, semen, saliva, tears can be found in the virus. This virus is mainly transmitted through sexual contact, especially male homosexual contact is the main mode of transmission of the disease, sexual contact between the opposite sex, the input of infected blood and blood products, mucosal contact with contaminated blood, organ transplantation, breastfeeding Is also an important route of transmission. In our country is currently the main heterosexual contact and intravenous drug use as the main route of transmission.

When the patient had any unexplained symptoms, health care workers should think of the possibility of AIDS? Here are some of the symptoms we can see as “Sentinel Symptoms”:

 1, fatigue, weight loss

AIDS sufferers often feel tired and so hard to get up early in the morning. Hair also feel very difficult. Night fever and sweating and lead to weight loss. Gingival swelling and pain, bad appetite, anorexia, the last patient skinny, showing skeletal state.

2, diarrhea

Patients with unexplained watery diarrhea, which means that patients lose their ability to absorb vitamins in food. Physical decline, resistance gradually weakened, until the last complete loss of resistance.

3, oral inflammation

Patients with thrush, mouth and tongue for a layer of thick white fur cover (sometimes also extended to the esophagus), eating difficulties.

 4, herpes

AIDS patients with herpes herpes. Compared with ordinary herpes position is relatively deep, the scope is larger, and the pain is particularly intense. Herpes are often months old.

5, lymph nodes

The patient’s neck and armpit or groin appear lumps, but no pain. Most people easily think of this disease mistaken for infectious mononucleosis syndrome. But the mononucleosis syndrome is softer and painful. This initial illness shows that AIDS is destroying the body’s immune cells.

6, pneumonia

This is a specific lethal pneumonia, is one of the main causes of death of AIDS patients, namely, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, the patient was suddenly rapid onset of dyspnea, can quickly lead to death.

7, skin disease

Kappa’s sarcoma This rare skin cancer now has a fatal impact on 30% of AIDS patients. The initial symptoms of the disease is the skin suddenly a subtle purple spots, the spots have emerged. In a period of time, the spots can be increased to 13, but the patient without pain.

8, lymphoma

Cancer spread to the lymphatic system, it will quickly spread throughout the body, lymph nodes, causing the cancer of this virus is caused by infectious mononucleosis virus caused by. At this point, for healthy people is a slight infection, can also be a fatal factor in AIDS.

9, aging

Another sign of AIDS is dementia syndrome. The memory of the recession, character weird, these are the physiological changes in the elderly, right in the twenties and thirties of AIDS patients who occurred. Suffering from mental changes, can not control their own, energy failure.

 AIDS three diet principles

  1, AIDS patients should pay attention to nutrition

HIV-infected patients and patients in the drug treatment at the same time, should also be actively nutritional support. The main purpose of nutritional support is to promote the body protein synthesis, for the recovery of human immune function to provide the necessary nutrition, storage of energy, to maintain human organ function. In a sense, nutritional support plays an adjuvant role in improving the quality of life of people living with HIV / AIDS and patients.

Beetroot, spinach, garlic and olive oil are common but the food, but these foods together after processing has become a treatable AIDS drugs. South Africa in recent years, the application results show that this diet does improve the immunity of AIDS has a significant role.

2, boiled raw, cold, greasy diarrhea

Chronic diarrhea is a common complication of AIDS and is a major contributor to a reduction in body weight, while weight loss has a significantly shorter survival time than patients with normal body weight. Therefore, to reduce diarrhea, improve food absorption rate, to maintain the normal weight of the patient is necessary. AIDS patients to prevent diarrhea should eat some low-fat foods, daily intake of fat in about 40g, do not eat too much, difficult to digest will increase diarrhea.

To supplement vitamins and minerals. If the number of diarrhea more, try to eat less vegetables and fruits, fresh fruit juice, tomato juice and other vitamin supplements. Add plenty of water and rich in potassium ions of food, because diarrhea can cause dehydration, drink 3 to 4 glasses of water than usual. To add more foods rich in potassium ions such as bananas, potatoes, fish and meat. There are some foods to help diarrhea, such as white rice, boiled white noodles, white bread and so on. If you produce flatulence, the beans do not eat food.

3, nausea and vomiting should be on time meal

Infection and drugs can cause vomiting nausea, land director stressed that can not do not want to eat do not eat. Eating or not eating will only make the situation worse. This time you can let the doctor cure nausea and vomiting drugs, half an hour before eating orally. A small amount of low-fat foods can prevent nausea and vomiting. Try to eat dry food, such as bread dry, bread dry, biscuits, etc .; eat salty food, do not eat sweets. Drink soup. Do not lie down immediately after a meal, preferably every hour, if you feel tired, can lie half.