Skin Rashes in HIV Symptoms

The skin is the first protective barrier of the human body, the skin will complete those bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. block on the outside of the body, preventing human illness. When the body’s skin damage, then the virus outside ah, ah bacteria will swoop, cause damage to the human body. AIDS is a complex disease, when the body is infected with the AIDS virus that only attacks lymphocytes, it will also allow us to produce skin lesions, redness, itching, purulent and so on.

The following explain in detail the six AIDS patients skin lesions:

(1) herpes simplex blisters appear around the anus and rectum, warts newborn found in parts of the hands, feet and a long beard.

(2) Foot serious fungal infections phenomenon.

(3) skin inflammation, swelling, blisters, and accompanied by bacterial infections such as impetigo skin, typical performance is the emergence of the mouth and nose around a porphyritic tiny blisters.

(4) appeared in the armpits and other parts folliculitis.

(5) severe seborrheic dermatitis on the face, scalp and body skin oily scales appear serious.

(6) serious xeroderma or young man suddenly appeared similar to the old man’s skin.

Although these skin lesions are the early symptoms of HIV infection, but not all of these symptoms who are infected with AIDS. If you have a recent high-risk behavior susceptible to HIV, such as unclean sexual intercourse, and others were a syringe, or have entered the blood of unknown origin, at a time when your body and skin lesions appeared above, then you AIDS detection test paper will be carried out to see if infected with AIDS.

In fact, the majority of HIV AIDS in the early stages of infection will not develop any symptoms, and only a small number of infected people appear precancerous condition, of course, the early symptoms of AIDS is not just only skin lesions, there will be oral lesions, flu-like disease and so on, so we should pay attention to skin lesions in addition, also pay attention to other disease, early detection, early testing, early peace of mind.