Urine PH Level Test For Gender Baby

Baby Gender Indicator

A pH urine acid level will indicate you’re having a boy while a girl is indicated in alkaline pH.

Readings of 4-6 (acidic) is girl, while 7-9 (alkaline) is boy.

The prediction method of testing your urine’s pH works as early as in your pregnancy before 9 weeks.

Test should best be done EARLY in the morning before your urine is diluted, as this will give more accurate result.

Diet & Urine pH

Diet will affect your urine pH. And we know alkaline favor boys and acidic favor girls. And here we wouldn’t know which food is alkaline and which food is acid, so we have a product Macharey Nagel PH Fix Strip for these test.

For an example, i did a test using Macharey Nagel PH Test Strip and found out coriander powder mix diluted in water have a ph6 (acidic), apple cider + bicarbonate soda have a ph 7 (nuetral), while 2 tsp coriander seeds blended mix with 1/2 cup of water with 1tsp of apple cider vinegar have a ph 4 (acidic).

Ph urine – Alkaline for boys and acidic for girls

Girl sperm lives for a longer period of time, although it is slower. The boy producing sperm move faster but they die off more quickly.

There are variety of variables that can influence your baby’s gender including when you attempt to conceive in terms of ovulation, the woman’s vaginal PH and sexual positions used.

pH testing is only the beginning, an acidic PH is detrimental to boy sperm so you want a alkaline PH if you want a baby girl. If this process indicate you’re acidic, then you’ll have to change your diet until you get to where you need to be.

Therefore, it’s important for your to know and to ensure your urine PH Level hits the correct PH along with positioning to ensure you’ll get your baby girl or baby boy.