The Secret of Extreme Longevity

Scientific research has shown there is an interesting fact of one food with the association to increasing longevity in human. Can you take a guess which food?

Many have yet discovered the benefit of eating raw, leafy green or commonly we refer to as “salad”.

Most vegetables in their raw form are rich in nutrients and all essential amino acids comparing to other food.Not only that, it’s rich in phytonutrients cancer fighting agent, thus protecting us from all sorts of threatening diseases.

Now, we can have more control of our own body if we practice eating vegetables in their raw form. Being healthy is not luck but it’s changing in lifestyle and diet.

In one of medical research on 206 human populations studies, consuming raw vegetables have shown to be the strongest protection against cancer compare to other beneficial food which claims to guard against diseases.

However, fever than 1% in every 100 humans consumes enough raw vegetables to ensure this Universal Gifted Defence System ~ raw vegetables to perform healing naturally. To ensure good health, practice by sticking a big sign on the fridge to remind ourselves “Salad IS the MAIN DISH”

Raw means vegetables eaten raw and uncooked. It’s best to purchase organic vegetables for their non-pesticides version.

Find our urine ph strip or urine dipstick to learn more about your body urine balance of asid and alkaline, if you’re getting enough raw vegetables your urine will be more alkaline. What you eat does have an effect on your urine level. Keep your urine level balance to ensure better health state.

Prolong acidity in our body will lead to CANCER. Too alkaline also effect our body function. Important note is to maintain “balance” pH Level.